Our chosen charity!

We have chosen to donate a percentage of every sale that we make here at YouYou to the charity called Chance UK due to the far reaching vision of their founder. They have the foresight to invest in young people before the point at which they become vulnerable to anti-social behaviour which can later develop into criminal behaviour. Although they work in partnership with other agencies elsewhere in the UK Chance is a London based charity - Hackney and Brixton (which is not so far from us). They run a volunteer programme which provides one-to-one mentoring for children aged 5-11 who spend time with their mentor once a week engaged in an activity chosen by the child themselves and it is through this, together with focusing on the child's strengths rather than their negative behaviour, that the child's self-esteem is raised.

We are thrilled to be contributing to Chance UK and believe passionately in their work, indeed as soon as time allows we are hoping to become mentors ourselves!

Find out more:

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please do contact Chance UK through their website… it's one of the most rewarding things you will ever do! Even if you don't want to become a mentor please know that by signing up to our website, you are already contributing… remember, every time a company contacts you regarding filling a vacancy, that a portion of that fee has already been donated to Chance UK.

If you become a mentor please do let us know… we would love to hear about it!